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Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Real Facebook Profile and Skype Id

The nomen Salman Khan vestiges the effigy of the beat cheese of Bollywood. Notorious,despite of famous,Sallu Khan is regarded the "Bad Boy" of Bollywood whose exploitations have been diffusing in the law for a long time. The ferocious "Chahita of Bollywood" is the highlight of news for his wrath, giving him the title of "Short Tempered Khan".

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan Real Facebook Profile and Skype Id

The commended bodybuilder with measurements: Chest 42 inch,Biceps 17 inch,and Waist 30 inch, the hero tardy to wear shirts, the fashion icon who introduced split-knees jeans making them his identity, and the most handsome male of India Salman Khan is currently the most paid actor of Indian Cinema, and is cogitated to be the only integral of
Hindi movies that lets the film makers earn more than 10 billion rupees per movie, making it the highest growing film of the year.

Salman Khan is the most liked for his romantic scenes on the screen. His amorous dialogues and fascinating verbalization are the heart of a romantic film. Then he is rated for the comedy he fairs to regale the viewers. His jest tickling comedy in 'Andaz Apna Apna' is still considered to be one of the best comedy roles. He has carved his name in the list of top class action heroes, too.

His dancing style and smile are his trademarks. No doubt, Sallu occupies adoration where ever he appears. Through his hosting in the well known Sony TV show "Dus ka Dam", Salman Khan helped SONY TV regain its top rank in the Indian Television Ratings. He has always proved himself to be a guide for the newcomers in the film industry. Many actors,producers & directors are fathomed today due to the support of Sallu Bhai.

Salman Khan Personal Profile

  •     Gender: Male
  •     Date of Birth: December 27,1965
  •     Relationship Status: Single
  •     Education: St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra, Mumbai. Scindia School, Gwalior
  •     Height: 5.6"
  •     Weight: 73 Kg
  •     Hair Color: Black
  •     Eye Color: Black
  •     Favorite Sports: Not interested
  •     Favorite Drink: Soft Drink
  •     Favorite Food: Indian
  •     Interests: Body building, dance, acting
  •     Ethnicity: Asian
  •     City: Bandra,Mumbai,India
  •     Country: India
  •     Email Address: sallu_the.macho@rocketmail com
  •     Skype Id: salman.kh65

Salman Khan Social Profile Id

According to the International survey of the World's Top Most Celebrities, Salman Khan is the mere Indian Actor to have 80 lac fans officially at Facebook. This is the highest number ever reached. Even though, his fans want to have a chat with Salman Khan online at his Real Email ID of Facebook.

Here is the Real Facebook Profile of Salman Khan!

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